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AML/BSA for Credit Unions Accessible innovation backed by expert integration

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Built in Germany with deep industry knowledge
Artificial Intelligence


AI helps your exports spot anomalies and detect unknown crime patterns



70% false positive reduction, your team can focus on priority tasks

AI Explainability


All stakeholders can easily understand and trust out system's results


Easy to Deploy

Built with deployment options that can be customised to your needs

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Why Credit Unions are considering new AML systems

Increased BSA/AML scrutiny of large global banks in recent years has redirected criminal activity to community banks and credit unions.

Perceptions of less sophisticated internal controls, inferior technology, and more lax compliance supervision put your teams under pressure. Consequently, credit unions need a heightened awareness of their AML risk to ensure that effective policies, procedures, and internal controls are in place to identify and mitigate illicit financial activity and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Credit Unions and AML/BSA – A checklist for success

  • Partner with a proactive technology provider that adapts to changing regulatory environments

  • Invest in a vendor relationship that combines AML & fraud technology (FRAML) experience

  • Leverage real-time fraud detection to quickly alert and block suspicious activity

  • Balance advanced AI and machine learning technologies with a traditional rule-based approach to increase efficiencies, reduce efforts, and uncover new FinCrime patterns quicker.

The challenges Credit Unions face
Artificial Intelligence

Digital Transformation

Leads to changing consumer behavior and increased fraud


Neobank Competition

Automated front- and back-office processes drive competitive advantage

AI Explainability

Legacy Platforms

Expensive legacy solutions don't offer flexibility, training or support


Leading-edge Technology

AI has been unavailable due to cost and lack of internal skilled teams

The future of modern AML Surveillance built by industry veterans

Customer Obsession​

Dedicated to empowering credit unions with the highest quality platform, support, training and consulting​.

Frictionless Integration​

Reduce time-to-benefit at lower cost a with highly-scalable solution that easily integrates with existing infrastructure.​

Fraud & AML (FRAML)​

Manage your risk and get control of your processes without scaling your team​.

Agile & Adaptable​

Respond to shifts in criminal patterns and regulatory requirements with Artificial intelligence.


Get easy to understand natural language explanations that are auditable and defendable to regulators​.

Machine Learning

Reduce false positives, caseloads and related costs while creating efficiencies that improves detection.​

Anomaly Detection

Find anomalies and patterns that evade legacy systems that rely only on rules.

Case study – North American Bancard

Preparing for growth – nab addresses AML Regulations with HAWK AI’s speed and scalability

“We tested and benchmarked many different systems in the marketplace and found Hawk AI to be a clear technology leader. In the payment processing business, you need flexibility, speed, and the ability to scale. The Hawk AI system delivers all those things. Their team has built leading-edge technology and applies a balanced approach between rules and AI.”

– Jim Parkinson, Chief Experience Officer North American Bancard

Discover the AML Surveillance Suite for Credit Unions, powered by AI.