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The Cloud Technology Behind Hawk Cloud Native Solutions powering AML/CFT and compliance with a modern tech stack

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Cloud Solutions for fighting financial crime

Cloud-based solutions are now ubiquitous across many industries, and this new standard is finally making its way to banks and other financial institutions. While previously opting for on-premises solutions for security and control, the industry has become painfully aware of the limitations. These include complex deployments and spiraling costs not least driven by ever-rising security requirements.

Transaction volumes of non-cash payments have also increased dramatically over the past 5 years, driven in no small part by the global COVID-19 pandemic. With further acceleration on the horizon, a shift over to a secure, scalable architecture is the next logical step. Better still, the shift allows your business to leverage the latest technology and development principles.

HAWK:AI’s platform was built cloud-native from inception to leverage the cloud’s strengths. Read on to discover how HAWK:AI uses cloud technology to deliver leading AML and Compliance solutions.

 In summary:

  • Enterprise-ready, with horizontal scalability to almost any level
  • Enterprise-grade security based on awareness and practices following standards like GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.
  • Improved reliability and redundancy leveraging cloud providers multiple availability zones without increasing costs
  • Multi-cloud offers low latency, global availability, and increased customer choice
  • Start instantly and integrate in days or weeks

Ready for any size of business, up to enterprise

Real-time performance and 24/7/365 always-on are no longer nice-to-haves for companies competing in a global economy. Previously, planning for scale required speculative forecasting and significant investment in both infrastructure and people, while limiting flexibility and growth. Now, HAWK:AI’s cloud solutions for AML offer scalability up to enterprise levels of billions of transactions every month while remaining accessible for high-growth start-ups.

Global coverage to offer performance and choice

No matter where your company is based, you can expect the highest levels of performance, availability, and security - with low latency - via HAWK:AI’s multi-cloud infrastructure. Working with both AWS and Azure allows us to offer broad coverage and choice to customers that may have a preferred vendor. This lets us rapidly deploy to new regions based on your needs.

HAWK:AI cloud coverage points:


We’re Always Happy To Discuss the Technology Powering the Future of AML and Anti-Fraud