Media and Finance Forward: Munich-based AML FinTech Raises $10M in Funding and Finance Forward: Munich-based AML fintech HAWK:AI Raises $10 Million in Funding

Fintechs like Trade Republic and Scalable Capital are currently dominating the headlines with their massive fundings. Beyond the hype around the big end-customer fintechs, however, B2B specialists are are again very popular with many investors. One example is the €120 million exit of Fintecsystems. Another is the €22 million for Finleap Connect. And now, a player that until today only those in the know had on their radar is making people sit up and take notice. Namely: HAWK:AI, an "AML fintech" (acronym for "Anti Money Laundering"), founded in 2018, based in Munich.

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June 24, 2021