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The next generation of trusted AML solutions Built with German precision, powered by AI


Why you’re considering a new AML system

Are you still using a legacy AML platform? HAWK:AI offers the same extensive and trusted suite of AML/CFT products. Transition is seamless, with no compliance downtime or implementation headaches.

With our award-winning AML platform, you get the next generation of trusted AML solution that combines proven concepts with leading technology. It provides all the Tonbeller Siron® functionality and amenities you’re used to.

Better still, you get a modern platform ready for future innovation, which can keep up with changing behaviors of customers and criminals alike.


Artificial Intelligence


AI helps your exports spot anomalies and detect unknown crime patterns

False positive reduction


70% false positive reduction, your team can focus on priority tasks

AI Explainability


All stakeholders can easily understand and trust out system's results



Built with deployment options that can be customised to your needs.

How you benefit from next-generation AML technology

  • One interface with our unified case manager. An easy-to-use platform with workflows that save operator time and encourage use. Get a single view across all of your AML/CFT systems, improving workforce effectiveness.
  • Detect and prevent financial crime faster. Edit cases in batches and easily understand complex money laundering patterns with easy visualization and all relevant information in one place for quicker case handling.
  • Stay ahead of large compliance scandals. Adapt to emerging risks and discover unknown AML threats before they become an issue with AI-powered anomaly detection.
  • Manage the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance teams with automation. You no longer need to waste valuable man-hours on false positives. Our AI learns from your analysts and gets rid of cases analysts label unsuspicious.
  • Explainable and auditable. Make sure all stakeholders, from frontline operators through to your regulators, understand and trust your system.
  • AML monitoring that adapts to changing behavior. Our AI-powered solutions separate laundering activities from the “noise” of transactions.
  • Built for the future of AML/CFT. Prepare for the future with a platform built to leverage and support cross-institutional information sharing.
  • No-code rules configurator. Have your admin team build new, sophisticated rulesets themselves with an intuitive interface that requires no coding experience or external consultants.

Case study - North American Bancard


“We tested and benchmarked many different systems in the marketplace and found Hawk AI to be a clear technology leader. In the payment processing business, you need flexibility, speed, and the ability to scale. The Hawk AI system delivers all those things. Their team has built leading-edge technology and applies a balanced approach between rules and AI.”

– Jim Parkinson, Chief Experience Officer North American Bancard

Key metrics:

Artificial Intelligence


Transactions Processed Annually



Annual Transaction Volume

False positive reduction

OVER 70%

Reduction in false-positives compared to standard rules

AI Explainability


To Full Implementation

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Discover the complete AML/CFT platform from the heart of Germany, powered by AI.

Hawk:AI Solutions

Further Solutions

Teaser AML Tx Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor any transaction for red flags using a comprehensive set of rules in combination with Behavioral Analytics.

Teaser Customer Screening

Customer Screening

Screen customers against Sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media during onboarding and thereafter.

Teaser Customer Risk Rating

Customer Risk Rating

Dynamically score customer risk using internal and external data. Add behavioral analytics for richer context.

Teaser Payment Screening

Payment Screening

Screen counterparties against Sanctions and Country lists in real-time. Cleanse data and tune name-matching.

Q&A on replacing Tonbeller with HAWK:AI

How long will the migration process take?

The migration process to implement HAWK:AI consists of 4 phases. Customers will experience benefits within 2 to 4 months, with complete migration in less than a year. The migration phases are:

  • Model training – We conduct data quality checking and cleansing before our AI experts initially calibrate the AI in close collaboration with you. After this, the AI will learn on its own.
  • Value demonstration (optional) – We import general legacy AML system settings and run both systems in parallel to show HAWK:AI delivers the same results as your AML system, but with much higher efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • Stepwise migration – We migrate from your previous AML solution to HAWK:AI as the primary audit tool in steps, depending on your needs – for example per segment. Each step is validated with a still active Siron® module (KYC, AML, Embargo). At any time there is only one primary audit tool.
  • Finalize migration – All segments are now available through HAWK:AI. Historic alert, case, and report data is extracted and accessible through archives. At this point, you switch off your legacy AML system. 

How much better is your AI + Rules approach?

HAWK:AI’s blended approach of combining traditional rules with AI and machine learning has led to our customers experiencing more than 70% false-positive reduction.  

How does configuration work and am I able to do it myself?

Explainability is at the heart of our platform – and this also applies to rule configuration. We have created an intuitive rule builder that requires no SQL or other coding skills. Build sophisticated rule sets on your own by defining thresholds for individual customer segments, geographies, transaction types and many more. Align and name rules to clear transparency for you and your analysts.