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Screen customers against Sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media during onboarding and thereafter.

Customer Screening
Customer Screening - Lists
Advanced Name Matching


Use your choice of 3rd party data for Sanctions, PEP, Watchlist, Adverse Media, or High-Risk Countries.

We apply text cleansing and normalize data, allowing for optimal name-matching results and reduced False Positives.

Customer Screening - Alert
False Positive Reduction

Fight False Positives With Artificial Intelligence

We constantly learn from your investigators and your customer’s context, then automatically close cases which your investigators repeatedly identify as unsuspicious. The result: automate your first line of defense and reduce false positives by up to 60%.

Built with a white-box approach, we provide you with detailed, specific, and easy-to-understand explanations for every case making the investigation process 100% transparent and auditable.

Case Manager

Reduce Time per Case With a Centralized Interface

Give investigators a clear, 360° picture to rapidly and thoroughly inspect cases without switching systems. Quickly identify the reason for the alert and find possible courses of action.

The Dashboard view produces additional top-down insights on screening activity. This allows you to rapidly identify any issue with the workload, hit handling performance, or case backlog. When employing our Machine Learning module, you can see the false positive reduction achieved in real-time.

Customer Screening - Dashboard
Customer Screening - Configuration
Configuration Manager

Self-Service Configuration

Fine-tune the algorithm and conduct what-if analyses based on real data in a sandbox, committing changes only when you are ready. Configure user management, roles, and workflows yourself at any time with our no-code configuration manager.

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Discover how our HAWK:AI helps you efficiently comply with payment screening goals.

HAWK:AI Solutions

Further Solutions

Teaser Payment Screening

Payment Screening

Screen counterparties against Sanctions and Country lists in real-time. Cleanse data and tune name-matching.

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Monitor any transactions for red flags using a comprehensive set of rules in combination with Behavioral Analytics.

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Dynamically score customer risk using internal and external data. Add behavioral analytics for richer context.