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Platform – Technology Technology & Architecture

The cloud technology behind HAWK:AI:

Cloud-native platform

Using the most modern technologies operated and supported by HAWK:AI. Software as a Service ensures no unexpected cost escalation from professional services or investment of your own technical resources. Always up to date, our cloud-native platform takes advantage of the newest functionality and compliance updates with constant releases.

Multi-tenant SaaS

With dynamic horizontally scalable architecture to achieve the highest cost efficiencies and demand-driven scalability to almost any level. Our platform is powered by containerized micro-services architecture on Kubernetes, Containerd, Spring Boot/Cloud, and a reactive communication utilizing Apache Kafka.

Multi-cloud SaaS deployment

For global availability and catering for local data residency and optimal network latency. This allows us to deploy into new regions using coverage from different cloud providers. Multi-Cloud is enabled by the highest degree of automation and architecture. This prevents technology lock-in while using Infrastructure as Code based on TerraForm, Helm, and more

Real-time processing at the core

Our technology is built from the ground up with a real-time focus to process billions of transactions. Alongside real-time processing, we support batch integration when required. All technology components are optimized to respond in milliseconds, satisfying the increased demands for real-time monitoring and the option to stop transactions instantly. We provide a RESTful JSON API, easy to integrate for many use cases.

Strong resilience & disaster recovery

Our operational resilience and disaster recovery is centered on redundancy at all levels and tested with Chaos Engineering principles.
Our redundancy starts at the component level and extends up to data centers and availability zones. With this setup, we can withstand the failure of single micro services, infrastructure components, or even an entire data center without any impact on our service. Chaos Engineering is applied to continuously test and strengthen the setup. Additionally, we go to great lengths to simulate and apply realistic traffic on our test systems, constantly honing performance metrics.