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Our approach focuses on transaction data that can, if available, be augmented by non-monetary data such as IP address, device ID and more.

This method provides accurate fraud detection in environments where limited data is available while simultaneously reducing false positive alerts.

Key benefits

Artificial Intelligence

Detection of unusual transaction patterns

False positive reduction

Real-time processing of transactions


Reduce investigations with automated decisioning

Era of siloed information

Fight Fraud and improve AML compliance with a holistic view

By combining Fraud and AML (FRAML) efforts, Fraud professionals and AML compliance officers can combat crime with a consolidated system.

  • Minimal migration and integration effort (<4 months) due to the most modern tech stack, offering unlimited scalability in any cloud environment
  • Better Fraud and AML detection due to a holistic customer view from Customer Screening, Customer Risk Rating, AML Transaction Monitoring, Fraud Detection, and Payment Screening 
  • Reduced investigations with automatic AI decisioning utilizing a smart and self-learning system to decrease manual reviews. Our intelligent AI models learn from customer context and past operator decisions
Era of siloed information
Consolidated Investigation

Speed up investigation without traditional silos

Transparent data in natural language, augmented by graphical explanations of AI models and risk indicators, helps fraud and AML analysts investigate cases faster.

Information presented in a single interface, rather than traditional data silos, reduces time spent per case, reduces regulatory risk and increases employee satisfaction.

AML Tx Monitoring - Patterns
Customer Retention


Blocking legitimate transactions is a key friction point in the customer journey.

Hawk AI uses traditional rules augmented with AI to reduce false positives, leading to fewer upset customers. Our AI models are constantly retrained with operator feedback and cross-institutional learnings, understanding normal customer behavior and effectively identifying falsely alerted cases

In the instances where transactions are blocked, real-time response ensures customers and analysts are fully informed.

AI to fight known fincrime patterns

The most effective way to search for known Fraud & Money Laundering patterns

AI powers rule-independent detection of known fraud typologies to deliver well-explained, comprehensive fraud alerts, immediately stopping any type of suspicious transaction.

Our Pattern Library contains a wide variety of pre-trained, off-the-shelf AI models for complex fraud typologies. We make new patterns available to all customers immediately, without additional costs.

AI to detect unknown fincrime

Behavioral analytics detect deviations from expected behavior

Behavioral analytics flag deviations from expected behavior. Our models learn customer transaction patterns, allowing for detection of fraud without the need for fixed thresholds.

AML Tx Monitoring - Configuration
Configuration Manager

Self-Service Configuration

Fine-tune the algorithm and conduct what-if analyses based on real data in a sandbox, committing changes only when you are ready.

Configure user management, roles and workflows yourself at any time with our no-code configuration manager.

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Further solutions

Teaser Payment Screening

Payment Screening

Screen counterparties against Sanctions and Country lists in real-time. Cleanse data and tune name-matching.

Teaser Customer Screening

Customer Screening

Screen customers against Sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media during onboarding and thereafter.

Teaser Customer Risk Rating

Customer Risk Rating

Dynamically score customer risk using internal and external data. Add behavioral analytics for richer context.

Teaser AML Tx Monitoring

TX Monitoring

Monitor any transactions for red flags using a comprehensive set of rules in combination with Behavioral Analytics.