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Fight financial crime Increase your risk coverage. Improve efficiency.

Banks and payment companies worldwide use Hawk's award-winning AML and CFT technology powered by explainable AI to identify more financial crime and reduce false positives. Combine AML transaction monitoring, payment screening, and pKYC in one tool and add fraud prevention for even more comprehensive coverage.

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Our products

Solutions for financial institutions

Increase risk coverage and maximize efficiency by combining modules in one interface.

Payment Screening

Automatically screen payments to identify and prevent suspicious transactions, using powerful matching technology.

Transaction Monitoring

Increase risk coverage and reduce false positives, with the option of explainable AI to significantly increase performance.

Customer Screening

Screen against global sanctions lists, watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, and adverse media databases. 

Customer Risk Rating

Maintain due diligence throughout the customer lifecycle using dynamic and static data to maximize risk coverage.

Transaction Fraud

Monitor Fraud and AML transaction behavior (FRAML) to detect fraudulent patterns across channels and payment methods.

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HAWK:AI is now Hawk!

AI is part of our DNA here at Hawk. We’re proud to have pioneered the use of AI in financial crime.
Now that banks ask ‘when‘ and ‘how‘ they should implement AI, rather than 'if', we’re taking the opportunity to simplify our name.

Facts & Figures

In numbers: the Hawk impact

Scale up blue

3 – 5 x

increase in risk detection using AI

Percent blue

70 %

average false positive reduction

In a nutshell

Improve effectiveness and efficiency


Reduce Costs

Reduce compliance costs dramatically through efficient analytics and decisioning.


Find More Crime

Find more risk, faster with explainable & governed typology-focused AI.

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Prevent Losses

Prevent losses and intercept high-risk transactions with performant decisions at enterprise scale.

Features & Benefits

Ready for your financial institution

Safe & Secure Deployment

Choose from SaaS or private cloud deployment options. Resilient with high-availability design.

Flexible Approach

Respond to changes with a modern API architecture and integrated risk view on a user-friendly platform.

No-Code Rule Set Up

Create and adjust rules without needing developer expertise.

Audit Trails

Provide a detailed record of all system actions for accountability and regulatory compliance - including AI.


Generate detailed reports for internal analysis and regulatory submissions.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Hawk with existing systems to streamline operations and data flow.


Handle growing volumes and expand business needs with ease.

Modular Platform

Realize the many benefits of a modular platform offering multiple AML and fraud solutions under one contract.

Work with a recognized industry leader
Our AI

AI delivered your way, at your pace

  • Flexible Implementation Options: Either overlay Hawk on top of your existing system or use it to replace a legacy solution. It's your choice. 
  • Gradual AI Integration: We support an incremental approach to AI. Implement AI at your own pace and guarantee a smooth transition without disrupting existing processes.
  • Transparent AI Decision-Making: Every decision our AI makes is fully explainable, offering complete transparency to your teams and  regulators. 
Use cases

4 essential uses for AI in anti-financial crime

  • False Positive Reduction: Save time and resources while focusing your efforts on the real threats.
  • Anomaly Detection: Identify criminal behavior that deviates from established patterns of normal behavior and rules alone won't catch.
  • Pattern Recognition: Utilize advanced algorithms to detect complex patterns in your financial data.
  • Alert Prioritization: Manage your workload more effectively and respond promptly to the highest risks.

Celebrating success


VR Payment Prevents FinCrime With Hawk

VR Payment, the payment service provider for Volksbank Raiffeisenbanken and part of DZ BANK Group, has chosen Hawk for transaction monitoring.

Hawk AI and CSI partner

CSI and Hawk Partner to Release AI-Driven Solutions

CSI, provider of technology to hundreds of banks, has partnered with Hawk AI to deliver its latest AI-enhanced products.


Hawk Hailed as Transaction Monitoring Leader in Celent Report

Hawk was the winner of the Advanced Technology award in Celent's Financial Crime Compliance Technology report.

Selected certifications

Find more financial crime with increased efficiency