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Easy, efficient AML compliance for fast-growing fintechs

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The challenge keeping fast-growing fintechs up at night

Fintechs often focus on product improvement, customer experience, and innovation. Yet, AML compliance challenges demand your scarce resources and are a roadblock to growth. Our quick-start AML Compliance Suite offers industry best practices, combined with AI, to significantly reduce manual overhead before it becomes a problem.

Compliance is complex, but it doesn’t need to be inefficient, ineffective, or expensive.

What fast-growing Fintechs need to know about AML

The key considerations for fast-growing fintechs looking for AML solutions

Partner with compliance experts that can support your AML journey. Our package offers everything you need to get started:

  • Three days of expert consulting
  • Ready-to-use ruleset
  • Guidelines & Best Practices

Our off-the-shelf package offers the technology you need to start addressing compliance, including:

Keep your teams lean and your workflow clear with:

  • AI False Positive Reduction - Constant learning leading to 60%+ false positives reduction, avoid staff overheads
  • Case Investigator - Workflows, 360° customer view, audit trail, and explanations
  • Analytics & Reporting - Dashboards, Charts, Reports (incl. automated SAR Filing)
  • Configuration Manager - No-code configuration of workflows, typologies & rules
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Further Solutions

Teaser AML Tx Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor any transaction for red flags using a comprehensive set of rules in combination with Behavioral Analytics.

Teaser Customer Screening

Customer Screening

Screen customers against Sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media during onboarding and thereafter.

Teaser Customer Risk Rating

Customer Risk Rating

Dynamically score customer risk using internal and external data. Add behavioral analytics for richer context.

Teaser Payment Screening

Payment Screening

Screen counterparties against Sanctions and Country lists in real-time. Cleanse data and tune name-matching.