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About Us Ending Financial Crime. Together.

Anti-Money Laundering in financial institutions is ripe for change. While Rule-based legacy systems from the pre-Cloud and pre-AI era are the norm, expanding regulations are demanding more from legacy systems than they can give. All without solving the issue of the huge number of false-positive alerts and truly detecting money laundering. 

Hawk AI’s mission is to help financial institutions detect financial crime more effectively and efficiently using AI to enhance rules and find anomalies.

Our success story

Transforming the Way we Fight Financial Crime

Hawk AI was founded in Munich in 2018 by experienced fintech entrepreneurs Wolfgang Berner and Tobias Schweiger, who saw the potential for a fresh start in technology for AML and regulatory compliance. Our technology dramatically reduces false-positive alerts by applying fully transparent and auditable Machine Learning to high-volume transactions. The company’s solution was also designed from the ground up to form a platform for secure and privacy-compliant information sharing between multiple financial institutions. Ultimately, Hawk AI aims to become the new “gold standard” in AML worldwide, contributing significant cost savings for financial institutions alongside fighting financial crime effectively.

Leadership team

A committed team with leading expertise in data, technology, banking and compliance

Tobias Schweiger HAWK:AI Management
Co-Founder & CEO

Tobias Schweiger

Wolfgang Berner HAWK:AI
Co-Founder & CTO/CPO

Wolfgang Berner

Georg Hauer

Georg Hauer

Grit Rühling website
Head of Product

Grit Rühling

Felix Berkhahn Website
Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Felix Berkhahn

Josef Etz website
Head of Technology

Josef Etz

Falk Schubert website
Senior Vice President of Sales

Falk Schubert

Michael Doron
US Managing Director

Michael Doron

Stefan Steifel website
Lead DevOps Engineer

Stephan Stiefel

Paulina Wolf website
Business Development Manager

Paulina Wolf

Derrick Cramer website
Head of Marketing

Derrick Cramer

Sean Jones website
Head of Solutions Consulting

Sean Jones

Selected Customers
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