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Customer Risk Rating Maintain due diligence throughout the customer lifecycle

Get ahead of compliance regulations with ongoing risk assessment. Evaluate dynamic and static data to maximize risk coverage with continual access to updated risk ratings.  

Customer Risk Rating
In a nutshell

Customer Risk Rating from Hawk helps you manage ever-evolving risk


Hawk’s Customer Risk Rating solution enables you to build a dynamic, customizable customer risk rating model to suit your risk assessment needs


Static data, such as geographies, can be combined with dynamic, transaction-based data to reflect the behavioral aspect in your risk ratings 


Risk levels can then be used during due diligence to trigger requests for further evaluation or can be applied during transaction monitoring to support AML

Customer Risk Rating – Lists
Increase risk coverage

Customer risk rating to suit your organization

Configure your risk rating to suit your organizational risk preferences along with dimensions of geography, customer and product as well as dynamic, behavioral ones. Can be flexibly extended with any kind of client-defined customer attributes, as well as combined with an existing rate card.


Customer Risk Rating – Configuration
Increase productivity

A holistic financial crime solution

Customer Risk Rating from Hawk is part of a comprehensive financial crime platform. Seamless integration of Customer Risk Rating with other modules, including Transaction Monitoring, Customer Screening, Payment Screening and Transaction Fraud Detection, enables maximum effectiveness and efficiency in your operation.

Case Manager

Simplify tasks with unified Case Manager

Bring data together in one interface to enable analysts to rapidly and thoroughly inspect cases without switching systems. Quickly identify the reason for the alert and find possible courses of action. The Dashboard view produces additional top-down insights on monitoring activity. This allows you to rapidly identify issues with workload, hit handling performance, or case backlog.

Customer Risk Rating – Dashboard
Feature list

Your solution for Customer Risk Rating

Maximize your risk coverage by calling on static and dynamic data to provide up-to-date and appropriate scoring. 

Utilize ratings during onboarding, as part of ongoing customer due diligence, or during transaction monitoring.

Build, test and adjust the risk factors to suit your organization. 

Leverage the value of risk events seen during screening and/or monitoring by incorporating these events into your risk rating. 

Monitor customer risk rating through the same application as Transaction Monitoring, Payment Screening and Customer Screening. 

Hawk offers scalability to handle millions of customers. 

Every process is monitored by the Hawk 24/7 support team to ensure performance.

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