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Customer Screening Evaluate risk during onboarding and ongoing monitoring

Maintain a smooth customer experience for new and existing customers while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Screen against global sanctions lists, watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, and adverse media databases. 

Customer Screening
In a nutshell

Customer Screening from Hawk helps you mitigate risks with powerful matching capability

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Screen customers automatically, identify potential risk and ensure a timely review by analysts 

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Configure and run a customer screening program in line with your organization’s risk policies

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Screen against global sanctions lists, watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, and adverse media databases. 

Customer Screening – Lists
Increase effectiveness

Screen for accuracy with smart matching

Focus on effectiveness with smart matching capabilities that can detect a large set of variations across multiple data points.

Customer Screening – Configuration
Increase productivity

A holistic financial crime solution

Customer Screening from Hawk is part of a comprehensive financial crime platform. Seamless integration of Customer Screening with other modules, including Transaction Monitoring, Payment Screening, Customer Risk Rating, and Transaction Fraud Detection enables maximum effectiveness and efficiency in your operation.

Case Manager

Simplify tasks with unified Case Manager

Bring data together in one interface to enable analysts to rapidly and thoroughly inspect cases without switching systems. Quickly identify the reason for the alert and find possible courses of action. The Dashboard view produces additional top-down insights on monitoring activity. This allows you to rapidly identify issues with workload, hit handling performance, or case backlog.

Customer Screening – Dashboard
Feature list

A complete solution for customer screening

Screen customers against sanctions and PEP lists, watchlists or adverse media databases for initial KYC purposes.

Maintain ongoing monitoring of customers with automated re-screening.  

Hawk's algorithms ensure fuzzy matching for variations on customer information to avoid missing true positives. 

Create and test your screening configurations before moving them to your live environment. 

Efficiently manage and document your investigations with automated workflows that optimize productivity.  

Maximize the quality of your customer screening with configurable list selection. 

We work with leading aggregators to provide up-to-date lists. 

AI with decisions you can trust. Look at the most important decision criteria expressed in human understandable language pointing to risk-factors containing values and comparisons.

Analysts can easily see which cases require focus and investigation. 

Hawk’s AI technology ensures that analyst attention is focused on high-risk alerts. 

Every action in the Hawk system, whether made by machine or user, is easily available via audit trail to make you revision ready. 

Every process is monitored by the Hawk 24/7 support team to ensure performance.

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