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Transaction Monitoring Maximize AML risk coverage and reduce false positives

Enhance risk detection with Hawk’s Transaction Monitoring. Fuse traditional rules with AI for efficient, effective alerts, minimizing false positives. Optimize your risk management to suit your organization.

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In a nutshell

Increase your AML effectiveness and efficiency with Transaction Monitoring from Hawk

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Hawk’s Transaction Monitoring enables improved risk management, combining rules and AI to create effective controls that are appropriate for your organization

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By adding Hawk’s explainable AI, you can further increase your risk coverage by using anomaly detection to detect suspicious activity that traditional rules won’t catch

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AI also enhances your alert triaging and prioritization, enabling you to significantly reduce your false positives and achieve maximum efficiency for your operation

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Hawk’s no-code interface enables the creation of customized rules to help detect suspicious behavior, reduce false positives through targeted tuning, and maximize risk detection

Use case

How can AI improve your transaction monitoring?

Imagine you create three rules to automatically flag known behaviors. Each rule will increase the number of false positives, leaving you with a high false positive rate and a high volume of alerts to manage. 

Instead, AI allows you to generate a larger set of fine-grain ‘rules’ that look for specific combinations of behavior. This gives you the increased risk coverage that you need while avoiding the volumes of false positives. Read more on the ‘fine-grain’ capabilities of AI compared to ‘coarse-grain’ manual rules.

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Increase efficiency

Reduce false positives

Hawk's Transaction Monitoring solution provides the option of using explainable AI to help you avoid high volumes of unnecessary alerts. False positives have been reduced by an average of 70%, enabling your analysts to focus attention on the right cases.

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Increase effectiveness

Detect unseen and novel financial crime

Hawk's anomaly detection driven by AI enables you to find new patterns of suspicious behavior that traditional rules won't pick up.

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Increase responsiveness

Configure and customize rules

Hawk's modern, intuitive no-code user interface enables rules to be created and customized without developer or vendor input. 

Case management

Simplify tasks with unified Case Manager

Bring data together in one interface to enable analysts to rapidly and thoroughly inspect cases without switching systems. Quickly identify the reason for the alert and find possible courses of action. The dashboard view produces additional top-down insights on monitoring activity. This allows you to rapidly identify issues with workload, hit handling performance, or case backlog.

AML Tx Monitoring – Dashboard
Facts & Figures

In numbers: the Hawk impact

Scale up

3 – 5x

increase in risk detection using AI



average false positive reduction

Feature list

A complete solution for AML transaction monitoring

Choose from a library of rules or use HAWK's no-code rule-builder to create, customize, test, and run rules without developer or vendor support.

Group and action alerts automatically by AI risk score for faster processing. Reduce false positives through remediation of low-priority alerts for maximum efficiency while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

AI with decisions you can trust. Look at the most important decision criteria expressed in human understandable language pointing to risk-factors containing values and comparisons.

Access sanctions lists and other sources to identify high-risk transactions.

Hawk provides data feeds to your system to manage your data internally.

Efficiently manage and document your investigations with automated workflows.

Gain simple access to reports on rule and team performance, enabling optimization when needed.

Hawk offers a range a options for deployment, with support for fully managed SaaS, private cloud, or on-premises.

Hawk enables you to better scale to billions of transactions.

Every action in the Hawk system is easily available via audit trail.

Every process is monitored by the Hawk 24/7 support team to ensure reliability.

See our Transaction Monitoring in action

Find out how Hawk can help you to increase risk coverage, improve efficiency, and comply with regulations.

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