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Hawk AI supports Moss to deliver AML-Compliant Transaction Monitoring

Partnership with Moss

Munich/Berlin, September 2, 2021 - Hawk AI, Germany’s leading software provider of Transaction Monitoring for banks, payment firms and fintechs, today announced a new partnership with Moss, a Berlin-based expense and financial platform for all-in-one management of card payments, employee expenses, and invoices.

Under the partnership, Hawk AI’s software will monitor payments processed by Moss to detect transactions potentially linked to financial crime. For process efficiency, Hawk AI also minimizes the number of false alerts, reducing investigation workload for Moss.

“We’re thrilled to count Moss among our valued customers,” said Wolfgang Berner, Co-founder and CPO of Hawk AI. “Managing AML risk in relation to business payments requires close collaboration to implement, operate and maintain highest standards in monitoring transactions. We look forward to working with Moss to ensure their payment operations and reputation are protected at all times.”

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