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Register for Hawk/American Banker Webinar: Global Banking Expert Insights


If you want to get beyond the hype of artificial intelligence and find out how you should be using AI to uncover financial crime, join our webinar with American Banker on Tuesday April 16th: Global Banking Expert Insights: Using AI to Detect Fincrime.  

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The webinar will be led by Michael Shearer, Former Group Head of Compliance Product Management at HSBC and now Chief Solution Officer at Hawk AI. 

Michael will talk about his own experiences of implementing AI within an anti-financial crime operation at a global bank, sharing practical advice on what to avoid as well as the benefits that can be achieved. 

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Assess how AI can improve anti-financial crime efficiency and effectiveness  
  • Make better and more accurate decisions by using AI in AML compliance  
  • Avoid the pitfalls that can occur when introducing AI 

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2-3pm ET
11am-12pm PT
Tuesday, April 16 2024

Shearer spent many years at HSBC, where his achievements include the creation of an award-winning analytics application integrating customer, transaction, risk, and external data from over 50 countries to enable risk detection across multiple customer types. He also led the creation of an industry-first cloud-based machine learning platform for financial crime detection. 

Prior to HSBC, Michael spent 20 years working in government intelligence and counterterrorism.

He is also the author of a newly published book, Hands-on Entity Resolution, which is available now at Amazon and other book outlets.

Register today to attend the webinar. Can’t make it? Register and we’ll send you the on-demand recording link.

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