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AML Compliance and Fraud Detection For Fast-Growing Fintechs

Hawk works a wide variety of fintechs across the globe, providing a flexible, scalable platform for AML transaction monitoring, transaction fraud detection, payment screening and pKYC. 

Built with deep financial industry knowledge
Artificial Intelligence


AI helps your experts spot anomalies and detect unknown crime patterns



70% false positive reduction – your team can focus on priority tasks

AI Explainability


All stakeholders can easily understand and trust our system's results


Easy To Deploy

Built with deployment options that can be customized to your needs


The challenge keeping fast-growing fintechs up at night

Fintechs are focused on product improvement, customer experience, and innovation. Yet, AML compliance and fraud detection/prevention are essential. Hawk provides the technology you need to scale your business while preserving your resources.

Compliance is complex, but it doesn’t need to be inefficient, ineffective, or expensive.

Mobile Payment

Key considerations for fintechs looking for AML solutions

Hawk provides the technology you need to address compliance, including:

Keep your teams lean and your workflow clear with:

  • AI False Positive Reduction - Constant learning delivering 70%+ false positives reduction
  • Case Investigator - Workflows, 360° customer view, audit trail, and explanations
  • Analytics & Reporting - Dashboards, Charts, Reports (incl. automated SAR Filing)
  • Configuration Manager - No-code configuration of workflows, typologies & rules
Recognized as an industry leader

Find out how Hawk can help with your AML compliance and fraud detection