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Entity Risk Detection Increase risk coverage with entity resolution and network analysis

Gain a clearer understanding of customers and networks to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your risk detection and investigations 

Entity Risk Detection from Hawk
In a nutshell

Build a clearer picture of risk within your business with Entity Risk Detection from Hawk

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Data consolidation brings data from multiple sources together, such as account ID, watchlist and corporate data 

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Entity resolution then helps you to merge pieces of information about the same customer together in a single Golden Profile 

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Risk factors can emerge from the creation of the Golden Profile – for example, a customer being registered to two different addresses 

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Network analytics then reveal hidden risk information by connecting relationships between the Golden Profiles 

Increase effectiveness

Find hidden risk

Get a clearer picture of who you're doing business with and maximize your ability to evaluate risk. Data consolidation, entity resolution, real-time risk detection and network analysis help you to understand customer risk profiles throughout your organization.

Increase efficiency

Reduce investigation time

By joining more dots for your teams, Entity Risk Detection makes your investigation process faster, less costly, and more comprehensive with data consolidation, entity resolution, and network analysis. 

Increase effectiveness

Boost your AI capabilities

AI thrives on good data. The organizations that can fuel their AI with rich, high-quality data will be in a significantly stronger position to maximize risk coverage and operational efficiency. Entity Risk Detection can help to optimize the data for this purpose. 

Case management

Simplify tasks with unified Case Manager

Hawk's unified Case Manager enables you to bring your anti-financial crime processes together in one interface. This enables analysts to rapidly and thoroughly inspect and investigate alerts without switching systems. 

AML Tx Monitoring – Dashboard
Facts & Figures

In numbers: the Hawk impact

Scale up

3 – 5x

increase in risk detection using AI



average false positive reduction

Feature list

A multi-stage solution for identifying hidden crime with maximum efficiency

Data from multiple data sources is brought together, e.g. account ID information, watchlist data and corporate data​.

All pieces of information about the same customer are merged together in a single Golden Profile​.

By creating the Golden Profile, new risk factors can emerge. In this graphic, the customer is registered to two different addresses (which may be a red flag)​.

By connecting relationships between Golden Profiles, hidden risk information can be unveiled. In this scenario, the customer can be linked with a high-risk individual through his function at ABC Corp.

AI thrives on clean, rich data. Entity Risk Detection enables you to feed optimized data into your systems to enhance the power of AI-driven risk identification.

Efficiently manage and document your investigations with a unified case manager.

Hawk offers a range a options for deployment, with support for fully managed SaaS, private cloud, or on-premises.

Every action in the Hawk system is easily available via audit trail.

Every process is monitored by the Hawk 24/7 support team to ensure reliability.

See Entity Risk Detection in action

Find out how Hawk can help you to increase risk coverage with entity resolution and network analysis

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