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FRAML Benefits and Challenges of a Holistic Risk Approach

Transaction Fraud
Executive summary

What does FRAML mean for financial institutions?

As more consumers transact digitally, opportunities to commit fraud and financial crime are multiplying. FRAML, the integration of Fraud & AML teams, operations, and information, has emerged as a trend to combat this wave. FRAML can help both functions achieve their most important goals: detecting and stopping fraud and financial crime.

Read our latest white paper recapping our ETA-hosted webinar, "FRAML: Benefits and Challenges of a Holistic Risk Approach," and learn about key FRAML concepts:

  • Regulatory and market pressures to integrate Fraud & AML
  • Information silos between Fraud & AML teams
  • Degrees of FRAML Integration
  • Using AI to detect suspicious financial cctivity

Prepare for what's ahead. Learn more about what FRAML means for your organization.





From the Paper

"This unified framework allows financial institutions to enhance their risk management capabilities, uncover interconnected criminal schemes, and mitigate the potential financial, reputational, and legal risks."


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Artificial Intelligence


AI helps your exports spot anomalies and detect unknown crime patterns



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