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Hawk AI wins Fintech Germany Award 2022

Hawk AI, Germany’s leading provider of anti-money laundering surveillance technology for banks, payment companies, and fintechs, has won the coveted Fintech Germany Award in the “Early Stage” category.

AUX Webinar

Hawk AI has been featured in the Aite-Novarica Q4 2022 Risk Insights and Advisory Fintech Spotlight. The report profiles seven vendors offering innovative fraud, AML, and cybersecurity products and services to fintech firms and other financial institutions.  

Hawk AI Visa Fintech Partner Connect announcement

Hawk AI, a leading software technology provider for issuers, banks, fintechs, and payment firms has joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program. Visa Fintech Partner Connect helps Visa's issuing clients discover vetted and curated technology providers to optimize their innovative digital products and services.


HAWK:AI, Germany’s leading provider of anti-money laundering surveillance technology for banks, payment companies and fintechs, and, an Estonian IT company that provides middleware development and process orchestration services for banks and fintechs, announced a strategic partnership.

know your customer hawk ai

By combining Know Your Customer’s digital onboarding and business KYC solutions with Hawk AI’s transaction monitoring capabilities, clients will have access to a comprehensive and integrated offering to centralise and harmonise the multiple and often complex elements of their AML programme


Banken generieren jeden Tag eine große Menge an Finanzdaten. Im Kampf gegen Finanzkriminalität können diese Informationen aktuell aufgrund von Datenschutzbedenken und fehlender Infrastruktur nicht institutionsübergreifend genutzt werden. Mit dem safeFBDC (safe Financial Big Data Cluster) soll sich das ändern.

Entity Resolution Hawk AI

Every day, banks and financial services generate an enormous amount of data – transactions, and customer information, to name a few dimensions. With the volume consistently growing, the connections between different data points become increasingly fuzzy. This makes it harder to get valuable insights out of financial (and other) data and turn those insights into actions.

Money Laundering Detection Hawk AI

Money laundering is abnormal behavior, which should make it easy to spot. However, money launderers change their methods to avoid prosecution, which makes it difficult to detect financial crime. Emerging AI technology provides anti-money laundering teams with the anomaly detection power they need to catch and fight financial crime.

Capco hawk

Capco and Hawk AI will team up to bring Hawk AI’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) surveillance and Fraud prevention solution, powered by explainable AI, to more financial institutions. The partnership combines Capco’s decade-long experience in large financial services consulting projects and Hawk AI’s regulation expertise and technological leadership.

Diebold Hawk AI

Together, Diebold Nixdorf and Hawk AI will collaborate in distributing and implementing Hawk AI’s advanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Surveillance and Fraud prevention Suite in banks to support them to fight financial crime even more effectively.

In stark regulierten Bereichen wie der Geldwäschebekämpfung sind Überlegungen, wie transparent und nachvollziehbar die Anwendung einer Künstlichen Intelligenz ist, völlig angebracht. KI transparenter und besser erklärbar zu machen ist daher ein essentieller Erfolgsfaktor von Hawk AI. Wir machen ihre Nutzung klar verständlich und damit compliant.
Ondato and Hawk

Hawk AI, Germany’s leading software provider of anti-money laundering surveillance technology for banks, payment firms, and fintechs, today announced a new partnership with Ondato, one of the leading tech companies in KYC and customer onboarding.