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EU Startups

We are proud to be recognized as one of the most promising companies from our home town.

deutsche startups

Our CEO Tobias explains what we do and who we are

GAB - AI is up to the Task

Our Chief Data Scientist Felix on how AI in AML can be compliant.

American Banker Investment into Startups

New business models sought to deal with increasing complexity.

Cover für Finanzszene

A player that until now only those in the know had on their radar is making people sit up and take notice.

Cover für Press Release

to expand its product and market foot-print globally.

Partnership with North American Bankcard

to optimize its AML compliance.

Partnership with Modularbank

to optimize its AML compliance.

FDBC eco system

which will revolutionize the financial industry.

Partnership with Banks API

Cooperation in the fight against money laundering

IT Finanzmagazin

Was gegen Geldwäsche zu tun ist und warum Banken dabei versagen.