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Hawk AI has been selected by Chartis as a leading financial crime and compliance technology vendor in 2024.


At an ACAMS NY chapter event, Chris Caruana discussed how AI technology can optimize AML programs and processes. 


Learn how Hawk AI helps clients ensure the effectiveness, accuracy, and compliance of systems in their AML model validation process. 


Michael Shearer, Former Group Head of Compliance Product Management at HSBC, will share his experiences in Insights from a Global Banking Expert: Using AI to Detect Financial Crime.

Hawk wins XCelent Award

Hawk is the only supplier from 22 profiled companies to receive the XCelent Advanced Technology 2024 award.


How is Neonomics using AML compliance technology from Hawk to deliver the next generation of payments and financial services across Europe?

Robin Lee, General Manager of APAC for Hawk AI

Hawk AI today announces the appointment of Robin Lee as General Manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 

4 Essential AML Use Cases for AI Technology

Built-for-purpose AI technology helps banks identify suspicious activity in real-time, at scale via Anomaly Detection, Pattern Detection, False Positive Reduction, and pKYC use cases.

What the EU AI Act means for AML and Fraud Prevention

Learn how the EU AI Act could impact banking AML and fraud processes, and how technology can address its requirements.

Michael Shearer - Hawk AI

Hawk AI has further strengthened its leadership team with the addition of Michael Shearer as Chief Solution Officer.

Graphic representing how banks can use AI to manage instant payment fraud risk and block fraudulent transactions in real time

Instant payments can create headaches for fraud teams, as faster payments enable faster fraud. The good news is that AI can help. 


Hawk AI, Germany’s leading provider of anti-money laundering surveillance technology for banks, payment firms, and fintechs, today announced OTTO Payments, the payments division serving the marketplace, as a client.