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Download: Real-Time Payments What Credit Unions Need to Know

Credit Union Challenges
Key Takeaways

Is your Credit Union ready for innovation like real-time payments?

Real-Time Payments (RTP) for Credit Unions has arrived, with the TCH ACH platform already available and FedNow scheduled for release in 2023.

But, how can your business maximize this new innovation? What compliance considerations may slow adoption? And what technology exists to bridge these two areas?

Leslie Poole, a 25-year credit union industry veteran, payments technology innovator and Director/Treasurer of a $1.3 billion credit union hosted a webinar with CUSO, Compliance and Technology experts to answer these questions!

Download the quick-start checklist of what Credit Unions need to know to get their technology and compliance ready for future innovation.


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Artificial Intelligence


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AI Explainability


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