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Finding Fincrime When We Don’t Know What To Look For How To Trust the AI Super Sleuth

Transaction Monitoring
Executive summary

Trusting AI to Detect FinCrime

Artificial intelligence is an essential tool in the fight against increasingly sophisticated financial crime. However, adopting AI isn't as simple as flipping a switch. You need to transparently understand how AI works in order to trust it to do what it's supposed to. 

In this white paper, we explore the following topics, and how they relate to AI technology that you can trust to detect financial crime: 

AI models that emphasize explainability and auditability act as virtual teammates that work in partnership with their human operators. Learn about how these AI models work, clear up some common misconceptions, and see how you can trust them to help detect financial crime.





From the Paper

“Rules-based transaction monitoring systems can’t keep pace with the development of modern FinCrime. Catching these criminals requires a sophisticated suite of tools to detect anomalies as they happen.”


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Artificial Intelligence


AI helps your exports spot anomalies and detect unknown crime patterns



70% false positive reduction, your team can focus on priority tasks

AI Explainability


All stakeholders can easily understand and trust out system's results


Easy to deploy

Built with deployment options that can be customised to your needs.