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More Than a Checkbox How Proactive Fincrime Compliance Can Speed Up Time to Market and Foster Innovation

Executive summary

Promoting Growth and Innovation

Few fintech entrepreneurs view compliance as more than a necessary roadblock to growth when starting a business. Focusing on growth can mean that compliance gets pushed to the bottom of a long list of other seemingly more important functions. However, if you build it right the first time, you’ll save time, money, and stress in the long run. 

In this white paper, we explore how fintechs can practice proactive compliance and reap the benefits: 

Learn more about how you can set your fintech up for innovation, growth, and success.





From the Paper

"Viewing compliance as a business driver rather than a constraint will set a foundation of sustainable growth and innovation."


Built in Germany with deep industry knowledge
Artificial Intelligence


AI helps your exports spot anomalies and detect unknown crime patterns



70% false positive reduction, your team can focus on priority tasks

AI Explainability


All stakeholders can easily understand and trust out system's results


Easy to deploy

Built with deployment options that can be customised to your needs.