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HAWKademy – How Hawk AI teams maintain the tech edge


World-class organizations are built by world-class teams, which is why HAWK AI focuses on attracting top talent from across the globe. But how do you make talent even better? By sharing with, and learning from, the other talented team members!

Through our regular HAWKademy sessions, we learn from one another interactively and collaboratively. This way, we ensure that the whole company benefits from the individual talents within our teams.

 "Learning from each other is a fantastic way to improve ourselves and the product in the best practices. All of us can benefit from these sessions." - Vizhdan, AI Frontend Developer

HAWKademy takes place every few weeks and offers our cross-functional teams the space and structure to learn about and contribute to key topics. This is the first in a regular series where we highlight the topics that give Hawk AI the technological edge to create leading products.

Today's topic: Continuous Delivery

In this session, we took the time to compare Hawk's approach toward Continuous Delivery (CD) with what an ideal scenario would look like. We found out where we're already doing a great job and where there's still room for improvement. Reflecting on our current workflows is a big part of HAWKademy. Communication and discussion encourage us to find hands-on solutions for possible flaws.

CD is exciting for everyone in IT who wants to deliver functionality to users quickly and efficiently. Following CD as an agile principle, we automatically release quality features regularly and predictably from code to production.

Manual hand-offs often lead to inefficiency and frustration. Instead, our developers work directly with a source code repository connected to a CD-Pipeline, where the product moves from development to test to production. Production pushes happen several times a week. This way, we guarantee that our master branch is always ready for release.

CD makes us more flexible, effective, and efficient. Yet most importantly, it is proven to boost employee job satisfaction, create a stronger trust culture within the team, and make day-to-day work more relaxed.

Want to be part of our next HAWKademy session? We are hiring! Check out our current openings here.

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