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Register for Hawk/Regulation Asia Webinar: Algorithms to Action


AI hype? Not our thing. We’re offering practical, field-tested tips for implementing AI for anti-financial crime purposes. Join our webinar with Regulation Asia on Wednesday April 24: Algorithms to Action: How AI-Based Financial Crime Detection Works in Practice.   

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  • Michael Shearer, Former Group Head of Compliance Product Management at HSBC and now Chief Solution Officer at Hawk AI 

  • Robin Lee, General Manager – APAC at Hawk AI  

  • Brad Maclean, Co-Founder, Regulation Asia 

In this webinar presentation, Michael Shearer will explain the key benefits of using AI in financial crime detection, whether optimizing or replacing a traditional rules-based approach. 

Key Points  

  • How to implement AI to detect risk 

  • Why AI approaches effectively generate more meaningful alerts 

  • How to ensure AI-based systems are configured appropriately,  

  • How to avoid common pitfalls when implementing AI 


Register now >> 
3pm SGT/HKT  
5pm AEST 
Wednesday, April 24 2024 

About Michael Shearer, Chief Solution Officer at Hawk AI 

At HSBC, Shearer created an award-winning analytics application integrating customer, transaction, risk, and external data from over 50 countries to enable risk detection across multiple customer types. He also led the development of an industry-first cloud-based machine learning platform for financial crime detection.  

Michael spent 20 years working in government intelligence and counterterrorism prior to his time at HSBC.  

Michael has also authored a recently published book, Hands-on Entity Resolution. It is available now at Amazon and other booksellers. 


Register today to attend the webinar. Can’t make it? Register and we’ll send you the on-demand recording link. 



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